December 16 2010

SCCM report to count hardware models

I needed an SCCM report to count how many of each type of hardware model we had in the environment. I created a new report with the following query:

GSCS.Manufacturer0 as [Manufacturer],
GSCS.Model0 as [Model],
count(*) as [Count]
from v_R_System RS
left join v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM GSCS on RS.ResourceID = GSCS.ResourceID
Group by GSCS.Model0, GSCS.Manufacturer0
Order by GSCS.Model0


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Posted December 16, 2010 by danovich in category "SMS / SCCM


  1. By Lee_cz on

    Thanks for this query, i used it for my HW Model report but i would like to ask for an advice.

    Problem im facing at moment is that in our environment we using set of various HP laptops models. Unfortunately HP is putting to HW model name also number of actual HW series.

    Thats why in report i produce by your SQL query im getting for one model number of lines which differs just by SERIES. Example:

    HP Compaq 6510b (GB866EA#AKB)
    HP Compaq 6510b (GB867ET#ABU)
    HP Compaq 6510b (GB868EA#ABB)

    See from a query point of view each is a different model but its not. So im getting count for each of this line, i would like to have 6510b TOTAL number.

    Can u advice how to filter out these details in brackets?

    many thanks

    1. By danovich (Post author) on

      No idea, I’m not a SQL query expert. I would simply manually manipulate the data in Excel.


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