December 27 2011

DameWare remote control in WinPE

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I’ve previously blogged about using TightVNC in WinPE. This time I have successfully intergrated DameWare Remote Control 7.5 into WinPE 3.1.

In my case I was using an x86 version of Windows PE 3.1. I am using UNATTEND.XML to install the DameWare process. We cannot use tsconfig.ini because it is called too late in the process and I want the DaweWare executable to run immediately upon network connectivity. WinPEShl.ini cannot be used as SCCM overwrites this file everytime you update the boot image / DP. Startnet.cmd cannot be used as this is not called if WinPEShl.ini exists.

Mount your BOOT.WIM file using something like DISM.exe, in this example I am mounting it to c:MOUNT.

Download DameWare from the website and install to your workstation. Navigate to “%programfiles%DameWare DevelopmentDameWare Mini Remote Control 7.5” and copy *.exe and *.dll to c:mountwindowssystem32, except for DWRCC.exe & DWRCSMSI.exe (if you don’t copy all of these files, later on you will get a prompt to update /repair client).

Create a batch file called DAMEWARE.BAT and copy it to c:mountwindowssystem32. Add the following commands to the DAMEWARE.BAT and then save:

“%SYSTEMROOT%System32DWRCS.exe” -install
net user administrator password

The above commands install the DameWare process and then creates a WinPE administrator account with the password that you have specificed.

Create a file called UNATTEND.XML and copy it to c:mount. Add the following content to the file and then save:

Now unmount your WIM file, making sure you commit. Add it to SCCM or WDS or whatever you are using for deployment services. Once you boot from this you will now be able to connect to the machine via DameWare! Use the password you have specified in the batch file above. I recommend using this in conjunction something like BGInfo so that the IP address is shown on the background.

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I use a maximum of one Google Ad per post to help offset some of my blog hosting costs.


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  1. By jakre on

    Thanks for the post!

    Copying the all 38 .dll and .exe files in the dameware directory is 23mb. Instead simply install the client agent on an x86 machine and copy c:windowsdwrcs (1.8mb) to the corresponding directory on winpe. Then launch in the manner suggested above.

    “%WINDIR%System32DWRCS.exe” -install
    net user administrator password

    Has anyone been able to load and connect with the mirror driver under winpe for better performance? I’ve tried building the mirror drivers directly into winpe without success. Also tried “dwdrvinst.exe mirror -install”


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