April 17 2012

SCCM 2012 Active Directory Schema changes

I’ve previously blogged about the AD schema changes made by SCCM 2007 (http://blog.danovich.com.au/2010/11/03/sccm-active-directory-schema-changes/).

Recently I prepared an environment for SCCM 2012 – the schema extension is exactly the same for SCCM 2012 so if you have already extended it for SCCM 2007, there’s no need to extend it for SCCM 2012.

As before, it creates 4 new classes and 18 associated attributes as follows:

attribute cn=MS-SMS-Site-Code
attribute cn=mS-SMS-Assignment-Site-Code.
attribute cn=MS-SMS-Site-Boundaries.
attribute cn=MS-SMS-Roaming-Boundaries.
attribute cn=MS-SMS-Default-MP.
attribute cn=mS-SMS-Device-Management-Point.
attribute cn=MS-SMS-MP-Name.
attribute cn=MS-SMS-MP-Address.
attribute cn=mS-SMS-Health-State.
attribute cn=mS-SMS-Source-Forest.
attribute cn=MS-SMS-Ranged-IP-Low.
attribute cn=MS-SMS-Ranged-IP-High.
attribute cn=mS-SMS-Version.
attribute cn=mS-SMS-Capabilities.
class cn=MS-SMS-Management-Point.
class cn=MS-SMS-Server-Locator-Point.
class cn=MS-SMS-Site.
class cn=MS-SMS-Roaming-Boundary-Range.


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