March 29 2012

HP driver packages for SCCM

HP have finally released a tool to make it easier to obtain full driver packs for their hardware. In the past we have had to individually download each driver manually from the HP website, this was very painful and time consuming. Hopefully their new tool will eliminate a lot of this pain and time (Dell’s equivalent was released about 5 years ago!)  More info:



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January 20 2012

Windows 7 on NCR RealPOS 7402

A project that I recently worked on was using SCCM to upgrade their fleet to Windows 7. The 7402 uses integrated graphics in the 852GM and 852GME chip. The problem here is that this is very old and unsupported by NCR and Intel – so when installing Intel 852GM/852GME/855GM/855GME Series video driver Windows 7 reverts back to Standard VGA adapter after restart. After a day of banging my head against a wall, I came up with a solution for this. The solution is automated and deployable via SCCM. At the moment I cannot reveal the exact process, but for anyone that is experiencing the same problem, contact me and I can possibly point you in the right direction….