July 27 2012

SCCM policy refresh with Windows desktop lock/unlock

This morning I was reading that in SCCM 2012 if you have a Windows 7 and above client, the SCCM machine & user policy is refreshed when you lock and unlock a desktop (Windows key + L)…. I wasn’t aware of this.  So I thought I’d try it out…

It appears that the material I was reading isn’t completely correct….

In my testing, I monitored the PolicyAgent log and found:

• Machine policy refresh is NOT triggered when you lock and unlock your desktop
• User policy refresh IS triggered immediately when you unlocked your desktop, however there is no user policy action when you lock the desktop



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June 1 2012

Install VMM 2012 console on non-domain workstation

While most of the time you are going to be installing the System Center Virtual Machine Machine 2012 console on a domain joined machine, I had a requirement to install the console on a non-domain joined machine. You can’t do this via the regular VMM setup as the installer does a check for domain membership as a pre-req and there is no way around this.

So this is how I got it working:

  • Enable the ‘.NET Framework 3.5.1’ feature (pre-req as per http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg610640.aspx)
  • Set PowerShell execution policy to Unrestricted (set-executionpolicy unrestricted)
  • Browse to the amd64SetupmsiClient folder from the VMM 2012 media and run AdminConsole.msi

You should now have a working VMM 2012 console on your non-domain machine.