May 17 2013

Powershell WMI query for virtual machine

There have been many times when I need to query a machine to see if it is virtual or physical. This quick Powershell WMI query will do the trick:


$Result = $null
$bios = gwmi Win32_BIOS -computername computername | Select-Object "version","serialnumber"
$compsys = gwmi Win32_ComputerSystem -computername $DC.Name | Select-Object "model","manufacturer"
if($bios.Version -match "VRTUAL") {$DCVM = "Virtual - Hyper-V"}
elseif($bios.Version -match "A M I") {$DCVM = "Virtual - Virtual PC"}
elseif($bios.Version -like "*Xen*") {$DCVM = "Virtual - Xen"}
elseif($bios.SerialNumber -like "*VMware*") {$DCVM = "Virtual - VMWare"}
elseif($compsys.manufacturer -like "*Microsoft*") {$DCVM = "Virtual - Hyper-V"}
elseif($compsys.manufacturer -like "*VMWare*") {$DCVM = "Virtual - VMWare"}
elseif($compsys.model -like "*Virtual*") {$DCVM = "Virtual"}
else {$DCVM = "Physical"}
write-host $Result

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